Tools Help you Improve Your Website’s Usability

I often talk on the subject of website usability and the importance of designing your web pages with your user in mind.

In the blink of an eye, web surfers make their judgments…they instantly judge your website’s “visual appeal.” If your website is appealing they will look further, if it is appealing and easy to navigate and read…you will have the chance to build trust with your reader and only then can you influence them to take the action that you want …whether it is to click on your ad, call you for a consultation, or just simply come back.

Here are some tools that will help you evaluate and analyze how users use your site so you can improve your website’s design and usabilty.

clicktale.jpgClickTale records your visitors’ every action as they browse your website and allows you to watch movies to understand visitor behavior and gain valuable insights and improve your website’s usability.

Price: You can track 100 page visits/week (~400 page visits/month) for free. If you need to track more pages, check out clicktale website for price plans.

clickheat1.jpgClickHeat is a visual heatmap of clicks of your website pages, showing you hot and cold click zones. The hot zones tell you the most clicked on areas on the page and the cold zones tell you which areas on the page are being ignored.

This is an open source software that equires Javascript on the client side to track clicks, PHP and GD library (image library that should be installed with your PHP) on the server to log clicks and generate the heatmap.
Price: FREE

clickdensitiy.pngClickdensity is another great tool that offers different kinds of reports based on your user behavior on your website:

  1. Heat maps reports show the most clicked areas on the page
  2. Hover maps reports show you the statistics on your users hovering over the links but not clicking on them.
  3. A/B Tests allow you to change page elements to test usability and improve user experience.

Price: You can track one page for up to 5,000 clicks for free. If you need to track more pages, check out clickdensity website for price plans.

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