Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking

Being able to present to a group of people in an articulate and entertaining fashion is one of the most important tasks whether you are a manager or an employee in a large corporation or an entrepreneur. Alex Ion of offers 8 tips on improving your public speaking.

As a speaker and presenter, I would like to add a few practice tips….

Practice out loud

You will (hopefully) be presenting out loud and therefore you should practice EXACTLY how you will be presenting. Practicing out loud allows you to hear your “nervousness” and the more you hear it, the more you will be able to practice “controlling” it. It also allows you to hear and practice cadence, rhythm, and speaking dynamics.

Video tape yourself

This will allow you to see how other people see you. You will catch all of the things that you do when you are nervous and try to correct them. Do you tug at your hair, scratch your face, lean to one side…video taping will show you this.

Practice with a “test” audience

Get a few family members and/or friends together and present to them and get feedback from them. This will allow you to gage your audience’s interest in your information and see how clear your information is. If they get bored, chances are your “real” audience will too. It is important to make your content “fun”, no matter how dry your topic is.

Also, practicing speaking to small groups will help you build confidence to speaking to larger audiences.

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