Save time by reading website colors in your browser


Last week, I installed a great browser extension, ColorZilla, and have been using it extensively because it saves me a lot of time.  ColorZilla is a feature rich extension for web designers.  Here are some of my favorite features:

  • Get a color reading of anything in your browser.
  • Easily copy RGB or Hexadecimal color you selected to any other application
  • Tweak the color you selected using the built in color palette browser.
  • Enlarge pages with zoom feature so it is easier for you to sample the color

Here are instructions on how to download, install, and use Colorzilla Firefox extension

  1. If you do not have Firefox, install it.
  2. Go to the Colorzilla website and click the green “Install Colorzilla” button.  This will install the extension into firefox.  You will need to restart Firefox for the extension to work.
  3. Once installed you will see an eyedropper icon at the bottom left corner of your browser status bar. Colorzilla eye dropper tool
  4. Go to the website that you would like to sample a color from.
  5. Click on the eye dropper tool to select it.  If the color you want to sample is too small, right click on the eye dropper tool and select the Zoom feature to enlarge the page.
  6. Colorzilla eye dropper tool right clickedOnce the color is sampled, it is saved by the eye dropper tool.

    To access the color options, go to the tool in the status bar and right click on it (see image on the right).From here, you can copy the color and use it in another application, re-adjust the color using the Palette Browser tool, add the color to your favorites, etc.

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