Leverage your Gender in Job Negotiations

Below are two of the many very interesting points made by Gender in Job Negotiations: A Two-Level Game, a research article published by Harvard Business School in May 2008:

…men are generally perceived to have an advantage in negotiations over women because they are expected to be more effective at asserting their self-interest and claiming value for themselves, whereas women are expected to act in a more yielding and agreeable and less effective manner in terms of individual performance…

…stereotypes make attempting to negotiate for higher compensation a more socially risky endeavor for women than for men, because people not only expect that women will be more agreeable and…evaluators were significantly less inclined to work with a woman who initiated compensation negotiations as compared to one who did not, because they found her overly demanding and lacking in niceness.

Read the full research paper to learn how to leverage your gender in your job negotiation.

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