How to pick keywords for your website

SEO Keyword Research

I recently wrote a post on do it yourself search engine optimization and have received some questions from the readers about the process of picking keyword for your website or blog that you can then use to optimize your web pages.  Picking the right keywords is important  because they will essentially be the traffic drivers to your website or blog.

When determining what your keywords should be, you need to ask yourself “If I were a person looking for my product or service what keywords would I use to search for them?”.

Start with creating a list of keywords that are relevant to your website. Write down every term or phrase that comes to mind.  You can also go to your competitor websites and see what keywords they use.  I also always ask friends and family for terms they would use to search for my products.

The second step is to analyze your keywords to determine “how popular” the are.  I usually use the Google Adwords keywords tool, which allows you to find keywords that other people are searching on and also offer search terms that are related to your keywords (check out Darren Rowse’s blog post on how to use AdWord Keyword Tool).  When you do your keyword analysis really pay attention to the related terms to see if you have picked the best keyword/phrase.  I recommend setting up a spreadsheet to keep track of all of your searches.

Once you’ve completed your keyword list, start using them in your titles, subtitles, and website and blog content.  For more details, see the do it yourself SEO post.

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