Create a successful SEO campaign

People always ask me, “Since I show up in the search engine results sometimes, do I need to invest in SEO?”

My answer is always this….If your most of your customers and your business come from the search engines, it is important that you invest money on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If most of your clients come from word of mouth or local marketing strategies because you mostly service your clients locally, then it may not be so important, although you should think about utilizing the web to grow your business.

Generally, the success of an SEO campaign is not the result of just ONE thing and requires a lot of work on a monthly basis and a lot of patience.

Matt McGee, published a great SEO Success Pyramid, that outlines the steps from most important to least important to achieving success with SEO.

You can download and print the JPEG version of the Pyramid and read the explanations of each step with links to additional info.

Read the full post here.

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