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Facebook new business page layouts…what you need to know

written by Nelly Yusupova
Nelly Yusupova
Topics: Business, Design, How-To, Marketing, Social Media, Tech Tools, Technology
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Wow, I guess technology literally changes every day!  Two weeks ago I taught a workshop for NYC Webgrrls on the benefits of building Facebook Landing pages, bringing them the latest and greatest techniques of Social Media marketing. “Visitors who visit your page and land on a custom Welcome page are 47% more likely to Like your page”.  Starting March 30, creating a landing page on Facebook will no longer be possible!

Facebook announced, last week, that starting March 30, they are forcing all Facebook Business Page owners to convert to the new timeline format, which will completely eliminate the custom landing page option. In fact, a call to action on a Facebook business page will now be against Facebook’s terms and conditions! (see more details below)  (Note: you can still use your custom tabs in your Facebook Page).

New Facebook Page Layout:

New Facebook Layout Template

(click to enlarge)


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My Mobile Apps Strategy to Help Me Stay Productive: Evernote & Seesmic

written by Nelly Yusupova
Nelly Yusupova
Topics: Business, Career, Tech Tools, Technology, Work-Life Balance
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I am always looking for tools and technology that can help make me faster, save time, and improve my productivity and as a busy professional those are critical. My iPhone is a great tool (and one of my favorite purchases) and there are so many productivity applications available for it that there is almost no possible way that I can’t be more productive.

I want to highlight my one, two punch mobile apps strategy that keeps me on my feet, keeps me connected, and allows me to keep pace with the industry bobbing and weaving (the conversation). Also, how the combination of the two helps me stay productive while traveling. Seesmic & Evernote – these are my jab and cross for Social Media effectiveness.  Both of these apps are amazing on their own, but when combined together, they are a knock out!

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Crowd-Sourced Fashion: New Social-Shopping Apps

written by Erica Orange
Erica Orange
Topics: E-commerce, Tech Tools
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It has been – and will always be about – shopping.  And while shopping may be the preferred religion of many women, who has time to run around town searching for the perfect garment? Let alone spend hours trying on different styles and sizes.  But thanks to a series of new fashion-based “social shopping” apps and services, it’s becoming easier to make better – and more thoughtful – purchasing decisions.

Let’s take a look at a few:


Pose is a free iPhone app that urges users to strut their stuff by posting geo-tagged photos of their favorite fashion finds on Facebook, Twitter, and within Pose itself.  Users can then solicit style feedback from a panel of fashion-savvy experts, ranging from celebrated bloggers to other active members of the Pose community. Brands themselves can also leverage the app for promotions and in-store deals.  This is a great way for traditional brick-and-mortar retailers to reignite the thrill that was once associated with in-store shopping.


VIZL is a new real-time app that enables retailers, stylists and shoppers to save time and money: two of the most precious – and coveted – things in our lives! Not only do brands provide abundant catalogs of their newest items, but stylists can snag photos of the must-have goods and get quick e-approval from their clients. And shoppers can upload whole wardrobes to the app for later use, e.g., when searching for matching pieces in stores. Outfits can then be shared on Facebook – for even more approval.


Ever wonder where you can snag that must-have accessory or item? You search everywhere and come up empty-handed? Well, Where To Get It solves that problem for you.  The program employs crowd-sourcing to help site members determine the source of garments and accessories. Users take a picture of their object of desire—e.g., on the street, in a magazine, or in the closet of a stingy friend—then can post it to a community of knowledgeable shoppers who are able to identify both the brand and store.



  • More companies will operate in two realms – the traditional brick-and-mortar and the virtual. Effectively marrying the two in increasingly innovative and expansive ways will be critical.
  • The creation of a more holistic consumer retailing and brand experience  will prove revolutionary to existing and new businesses in the future.
  • Not only are traditional marketing messages being moved to alternative media, but new technologies and sales channels are spurring wholly new businesses.


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Get Free Spotify Account without an Invite!

written by Nelly Yusupova
Nelly Yusupova
Topics: Software, Tech Tools, Webgrrls' Finds
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Spotify logoStreaming music service Spotify launched in United States. The award-winning digital music service gives you on-demand access to over 15 million tracks – on your computer, your cell phone, and other devices.

If you want an account, you either need an invite or have to start paying for the service (see Account Options below to see what you get in each plan).

There is a lot of buzz about this service and if you are one of those people who has to try it now, you can get a free account right now with this pretty simple loophole.

Account Options:

  • Free users can sign up to access Spotify’s library, but streaming will be time-limited and ad-supported.
  • Unlimited Streaming ($4.99/month) – gives you unlimited listening with no time limits, ad-free streaming, and the ability to share songs and playlists with friends.
  • Premium ($9.99/month) – adds to the unlimited streaming features with mobile apps and offline listening, and the best sound quality the service has to offer.

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The Hidden Cost of Gadgets

written by Elena Strange
Elena Strange
Topics: Tech Tools, Technology
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When thinking about the latest gadgets, you consider, among other things, whether the cool features are worth the price, right? But some of those features make it so convenient to keep spending money that it drives the price up beyond what you might have considered.

We’re not really gadget heads in my house. Usually not worth the money to have the latest thing, we figure. Still, my husband recently acquired an iPad, and I was an early Kindle adopter back in 2008.

Admittedly, I bought my kindle out of wrath one day, when my 45-minute train commute was delayed by over two hours. I was grumpy, hungry, and so not in the mood for whatever tech-heavy computer science book I had brought with me. During the drawn-out conclusion of a long, cranky day, I wanted to read about shopaholics or vampires or something. So when I (eventually) got home that night, I ponied up the $400, figuring it was worth it in my—and, frankly, my husband’s—sanity.

Both the kindle and iPad in our house have found sneaky ways to get our money, though. They make it so easy! On the kindle, you search the bookstore just as you do on Amazon. Find a book you like? Click “purchase” and it appears. Oh, but there’s a bestseller you’ve been wanting to read. And one that’s relevant to you work, so, really, you need that one. Before you know it, that’s $30 down the drain.

Likewise, the iPad, even though it has many free apps, enables you to spend money without blinking an eye. My husband is addicted to a game called Duel: Blade & Magic, which was free. But he can upgrade his armor or buy a pet for a buck, and it’s all hooked up to his iTunes account. Easy.

In time, I’m quite sure, we will arrive at a day when you can simply think about a book or a game and, boom, its digital self is in your hot little hands. I might be doomed.

Are you a gadget head? Have you encountered these easy-spending conveniences? How have you handled them?

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