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Facebook new business page layouts…what you need to know

written by Nelly Yusupova
Nelly Yusupova
Topics: Business, Design, How-To, Marketing, Social Media, Tech Tools, Technology
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Wow, I guess technology literally changes every day!  Two weeks ago I taught a workshop for NYC Webgrrls on the benefits of building Facebook Landing pages, bringing them the latest and greatest techniques of Social Media marketing. “Visitors who visit your page and land on a custom Welcome page are 47% more likely to Like your page”.  Starting March 30, creating a landing page on Facebook will no longer be possible!

Facebook announced, last week, that starting March 30, they are forcing all Facebook Business Page owners to convert to the new timeline format, which will completely eliminate the custom landing page option. In fact, a call to action on a Facebook business page will now be against Facebook’s terms and conditions! (see more details below)  (Note: you can still use your custom tabs in your Facebook Page).

New Facebook Page Layout:

New Facebook Layout Template

(click to enlarge)


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5 Tips on how to build a brand on Social Media

written by Nelly Yusupova
Nelly Yusupova
Topics: Business, Career, How-To, Marketing, Social Media, Technology
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Everyone seems to understand that it’s important to have a “brand” as branding is the foundation on which your entire online marketing ‘platform’ is built.  But more and more people are asking me: “How can I build a brand on the various Social Media platforms?”.

Social Media is Nothing New

Before we dive into the tips, it’s good to realize that Social Media is nothing new and we all have been doing it from the beginning of time…Social Media is about connecting with people.  What has changed are the tools.  The tools now allow us to make that human connection on a whole different level…having access to people from all over the world where information travels at the speed of light!

Tips for Building a Brand on Social Media

  1. Define your brand…your story
    In Social Media, your brand story appears in your bio or tag line.  Make sure to write a great bio/tag line that tells your story. 

    Things you should include in your Brand Story

    • Identify What You Value
    • Identify What Makes You Unique
    • Identify How You Want To Be Perceived
    • Identify Your Specialty
    • Identify Your Target Market 

    Here are 3 examples on Twitter community that tell a great story:


    DanielleLaPorteOne important note is to tailor your bio for each community if necessary.  The target audiences that you want to reach in different communities might vary, so, you have to know the community in order to speak to it’s members in a language that they understand and expect.

    Also, remember to use keywords that you want to be found under in your bio as this is how users of that community will find you.

  2. Use a Great Photo
    I can’t stress this enough.  Your photo is the human connection.  Make sure that it is clear and portrays your personality.  Can you guess which photos I think you should use?
    Photos in Social Media Marketing
  3. Engage with your community to build relationships
    Because there is so much going on in everyone’s lives today, engaging with the community members is the only way to stay on top of their minds.

    How do you engage?

    • Ask Questions
    • Answer other people’s questions
    • Comment on people’s posts
    • Respond to people when they try to reach out to you

    To help you manage your Social Media communications, you have to monitor what people say about your brand and respond in a timely manner. To monitor what people say about your brand, you can use Google Alerts, Addictomatic, and Twitter Search.

  4. Be Remarkable!
    In order to succeed in Social Media, you have to be remarkable!  The power of Social Media tools are SHARING features, where people can easily pass something they like on to their networks.

    People share remarkable things

    People want to connect with remarkable people

  5. Be Ubiquitous
    You have to create multiple streams of YOU on all the different social networks but you have to create a “HUB” (usually your blog/website) where people can find all of the info about you in one place. 

    Be Ubuquitous

What do you think?  Do you have any other tips for building a brand on Social Media, please share in the comments!



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Sexonomics – women should use their looks in the workplace

written by Maria Botta
Maria Botta
Topics: Blogs, Business, Career, How-To, Leadership, Marketing, Mentors & Motivators, Technology
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“Go home, take a paper bag, cut some eyeholes out of it. Put it over your head, get undressed and look at yourself in the mirror. Really evaluate where your strengths and weaknesses are. And be honest.” Mad Men, Joan Holloway

Sexonomics ?

I am NOT talking about the oldest profession in the world here, (although I am sure that is a profession where there is pay parity for women). I am talking about sexual capital in the workplace, as defined by Catherine Hakim, a professor at the prestigious London School of Economics and author of “Erotic Capital: The Power of Attraction in the Boardroom and the Bedroom”. She explains that “sexonomics” is the sexual allure that people use as a commodity for profit and professional advancement just as they would use education or their network. Hakim explains that the “male sex deficit,” is something that women should leverage often in order to attain career advancement or a wedding ring. 

Sexy in the workplace?

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THINK, MAKE, CHECK…Step by Step Lean User Experience

written by Nelly Yusupova
Nelly Yusupova
Topics: Design, How-To, Technology, Usability
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THINK, MAKE, CHECK…it is that simple and it is profoundly effective…great user experience can be achieved at start-up speed!

I recently attended a LUXi, the Lean User Experience Intensive facilitated by Lane Halley & Josh Seiden of LUXr.  The 2-day, hands-on, workshop is designed to teach entrepreneurs how they can achieve “predictable, high-quality, high-velocity user experience outcomes” using Lean UX Principals and I am really excited to share what I learned.

The traditional user experience process is normally long and expensive and that makes it challenging for startups to get products to market fast, and can be the difference between success (great user adoption) and failure.

The Event

The event was extremely well run and the attendees were divided into teams of 3. We were then walked through and practiced a series of activities, each one building on the previous one, that supported one complete Lean UX Cycle: THINK, MAKE, CHECK (click on image to enlarge).


Lean UX cycle

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5 Tips to help you manage your time on the social web

written by Nelly Yusupova
Nelly Yusupova
Topics: Business, How-To, Social Media, Tech Tools, Technology
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I was recently interviewed by Gwen Bell for the Unconventional Guide to the Social Web and one of the questions Gwen asked me was how I manage to get all the many things done that I have on my plate!

My answer….you have to develop great time management skills and stay disciplined about them…and you have to manage technology instead of it managing you.

One of the biggest problems of the social web is the ease with which one can lose track of time.  We are having so much fun connecting with friends & colleagues on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks that we end up not getting any work done during the work hours and end up working ALL THE TIME.

Another problem is multi-tasking and interruptions.  Research shows that it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task when interrupted on an unrelated topic.

Here are some tips on managing your time on the social web:

  1. Schedule Everything and stick to the schedule
    I use the Entourage calendar to schedule EVERYTHING…meetings, responding to email, social network presence, day-to day tasks.  But it’s not enough to schedule things..you have to stick to the schedule!
  2. Schedule your most important tasks when you feel like you are most productive
    The most productive time is different for each person…some people are sharpest in the morning, some are later in the day.  Figure out what your magic time slot is and schedule your most important task during that time.  Sprinkle your social interactions & email management throughout the day but make sure it’s not during your most productive time.
  3. Use a timer
    Using a timer will allow you to set an alarm to notify you when your current scheduled task/activity is supposed to end.  Let’s say you are alotting 20 minutes for social media interaction at 1pm…before you begin the task at 1pm, set your alarm to let you know when the 20 minutes has passed. 

    The application that I use to achieve this is Apimac Timer (mac). You can also use Xnote StopWatch if you are on Windows (there are many more you can choose from).

  4. Close down the applications that you are not using
    Human nature is to respond to stimuli…so if you hear a notice that you have a new email or a new response from a friend, you have to go see what it is.  That is why if it’s not time to check and respond to email, I close down the email application…if it’s not time to interact on Twitter, I close down the Twitter application…the point is…only have the application that you are currently working in open.
  5. Set and manage expectations
    Managing everyone’s expectations is the key to time management.  I think a lot of the time, the immediacy to respond is in our own head.  Training your clients, colleagues, friends, and online connections that you are not available 24×7 will allow you to respond on your own time.  And because we are all going through this information and task overload…they will more than undertand!

Did I miss anything?  Share your time management tips in the comments!

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