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Drive more traffic, increase content consumption, and encourage user participation…Gamification has become a most exciting mainstream technique that marketers rely on. Gamification is the process of using game thinking and mechanics to engage audiences and solve problems. Game dynamics are now entering every aspect of daily life. Good games take players (aka customers) on a journey. Early Gamification techniques only involved adding simple game mechanics like points, badges and leader boards to websites and apps. But, what I discovered at the Gamification Summit in NYC, an incredible 2 day

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Looking for meaty, practical articles that will help to improve your work performance? These 5 links provide some amazing tips, tricks and tools. Do Business with Style Are you a small business owner that could use professional looking designs for your presentations, letterheads, invoices, or business cards? Microsoft has published a number of gorgeous templates for its Office 2007 package (older versions may also work for some of the designs). You can choose from 6 different designs and 9 customer colors to create a professional looking template that matches your company’s style. B

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