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Negotiating tips for women

Negotiating Tips: become comfortable with the negotiating pr ...

Almost every situation/transaction allows an opportunity for you to practice one of the most important business skills in business is Negotiating. Yes, I do know that most people hate negotiating, but, if done well, it can be fun and also, if done well and when it is time to negotiate seriously, and you prepare for it, negotiating can either put or keep a lot more money in your pocket. You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate Negotiating Quick Facts: Women will pay on average more than $1,353 to avoid negotiating the price of a car Women typically ask for less and

Teams and Advisors are Important - Business in a Vacuum Very ...

Entrepreneurs and career professionals often find themselves stuck in a business situation and can’t seem to identify a clear path around, over, or through the barrier that is keeping them from reaching the next level. Perhaps they are too close to the issue or too connected to it. Perhaps they have a mental block and just can’t come up with the ideas, or, in some cases, maybe, they are the problem. Finding an advisory group, whether it is formal or informal, is very important. They can be your friends, colleagues, or associates. Some of them should come from different indust