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Posts written by Kevin

5 Tips to Getting Hired in a Recession

written by Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
Topics: Career

Job InterviewThe Wall Street Journal article, Only the Employed Need Apply, says that unemployment is a 9.4% (I think it is closer to 20% based on the number that I have been reading) and it is a buyers market for employers that are hiring and employers are only looking to higher those who are currently working.  There is a perception that if you are still employed in today’s economic climate, you are “strong performer” or on the “A team” or have significant value. Employers would rather fill openings with candidates who are working elsewhere.

A lot of what the article says is true, however, I know, through our organization and through all of the networking and connecting that I do, there are a lot of very talented people out there that are not currently working through no fault of their own. They ARE top performers. They ARE the “A Team” and were either down-sized,  or their divisions were eliminated or their employer went out of business.

I have worked with loads of people prepping them for their next interview and have had great success and my advice to them is always – If you want to land the job that you are looking for and are currently unemployed, you had better have a very compelling story as to why you are unemployed and looking for a job.

Here are 5 tips to getting hired in a recession

  1. If you are looking for a job you have to be 100% buttoned up. From your resume, to speaking about your work experience, to highlighting your accomplishment, to showcasing your personality and your fit into their team, everything has to be well thought out and practiced.
  2. Your resume has to be spot on perfect.  Tell a very compelling story about your work history, your experience and skills and it has to standout from all of the other candidate’s resumes
  3. Your interview technique has to be practiced and practiced again and again…rehearsed so well that you can make all of your responses seem spontaneous.
  4. You have to have your trigger words down so you have a number of responses at the ready for any question that the interviewer might throw at you. Trigger words like teamwork, leadership, stress should trigger anecdotes that you can share or experiences that you can point to.
  5. Your anecdotes need to tell a story about you. Highlight something about your experience, be relevant to the opportunity and you have to be able to tie them into how you will impact the bottom line for your potential employer’s company.

Just remember, the person hiring or recruiting wants YOU to be the successful candidate…the recruiting and the hiring process is expensive in both time and money…they can stop looking for candidates if you are the right fit.

Good luck and start practicing…

If you read the WSJ article, also read some of the comments in the Comment Section to get the full picture of the sentiment out there.

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Great Social Media Enterprise Tools to Investigate

written by Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
Topics: Social Media,Software,Tech Tools

Ok, true, it has been a few weeks since The New Marketing Summit (TNMS) in Foxboro MA, but I still wanted to share with you some of the great finds that I discovered there.  The exhibitor companies that I met offer great social media tools that serve many marketing and community needs of the companies trying to reach their customer.

Whether it be the functionality, or tracking, or analyzing trends these tools do it. They might be a great fit for your company or for some of the clients that you work with.

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New Marketing Summit: Making Connections

written by Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
Topics: Business,Events,Marketing,Networking,Social Media,Technology

I just returned from the exciting, energizing, and thought provoking 2-day New Marketing Summit organized by Chris Brogan,  David Meerman Scott, and Paul Gillin at the Gillette Staduim in Foxboro MA.  It was a whirlwind of presentations, panels and case studies that really got you thinking about how to plan for and incorporate the new social media tools into the marketing mix. The event was large enough to provide real value and small and intimate enough to really connect with the others in attendance…oh, and I was a winner…Woohoo!


BuzzLogic, a technology that analyzes influence across the blogosphere offered a raffle that I had entered…you guess it…my business card was drawn…I won a brand new GPS device so I will never get lost again…Thanks BuzzLogic.

BuzzLogic is a social media analytics company that can find influencers in the blogosphere on very specific topics – they offer clients data on a subscription basis, as well as an ad network for advertisers looking to target influential blogs with online campaigns. If you’re an advertiser looking to harness blogs, you can check out more here: http://www.buzzlogic.com/advertisers/conversation-targeting.html

Talking with Exhibitors

I enjoyed all of the presentations and the differing ideas about how to leverage all of the data that is available and the paradigm shift in marketing and PR philosophies and hearing about the best practices etc. I found even more value in talking with exhibitors (some of which were the presenters).

It is in talking with the exhibitor where you get the real information about the tools and the real application of the tools…and see exactly how it will work for your particular situation…unlike the presentations (one-way broadcast model), when you go to the vendors booths, you have a conversation which is what social media is all about and it is through the dialogue and the questions asked that you can find out exactly if the tool is for you and how it would work within your company or your clients company.

I encourage you to follow the Exhibitors link to find out more about each of the companies that were at the event to learn about the companies.

Highlights for Me

The exhibitors that I had a chance to speak with, all seemed very interesting and their companies offer some great tools that you should investigate either for you or for some of the clients that you are or will be working with. Over the next few days I will feature and highlight some of the companies and the tools they offer in our blog.

We all need to understand and leverage the various new social media tools out there so we can develop a strong strategy to deliver marketing and PR value for our companies and for our clients.

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Web 2.0 Expo Take Aways – Analytics and PR

written by Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
Topics: Events,Marketing,Social Media,Technology

The Web2.0 Expo in New York City was a great event and kudos go out to the Web2.0 Expo organizer chairs Brady Forrest and Jennifer Pahlka and their entire staff that helped make such a successful event. It was extremely well organized, with more than 75 exhibitors showcasing all things Web 2.0—tools, technologies, services, infrastructures, and more! There were many sponsors, of which Webgrrls International was one. There were interesting sessions to attend and with so many attendees, the networking was great too.

The exhibition hall was thriving it was great to see so many new and exciting offerings. I mostly attended Marketing and Media track and a few of the Landscape sessions. Most session where a little light on substance but two really stood out.

“If your company fails now it is not because of a lack of data…it is because YOU suck,” was the best line from Avinash Kaushik, the Google Analytics guru. His session, Web Analytics 2.0: Rethinking Decision Making in a “2.0” World was a very engaging and entertaining presentation and between some very funny jokes, he offered some great insights and tips how to look at the data available to make business decisions…

Here are the highlights that were presented:

  • How to use the data to increase your competitive intelligence
  • He talked about the bounce rate of your pages (when someone comes to your site and leaves) his words “I came, I puked, I left” .
  • He spoke about finding actionable data, it is not what your users are doing, but, why are they doing it is what is important.
  • Most importantly, as always, listen to your reader and ask – Why are they here? Were they able to complete their task? And if not, why not?

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Negotiating Tips: become comfortable with the negotiating process

written by Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
Topics: Business,Career

Almost every situation/transaction allows an opportunity for you to practice one of the most important business skills in business – Negotiating – Yes, I do know that most people hate negotiating, but, if done well, it can be fun and also, if done well and when it is time to negotiate seriously, and you prepare for it, negotiating can either put or keep a lot more money in your pocket.

You don’t get what you deserve…you get what you negotiate

Negotiating Quick Facts:

  • Women will pay on average more than $1,353 to avoid negotiating the price of a car
  • Women typically ask for less and get less when they do negotiate—on average, 30 percent less than men.
  • By not negotiating a first salary, an individual stands to lose more than $500,000 by age 60—and men are more than four times as likely as women to negotiate a first salary.

Practicing your negotiating  skills  are very important and you should practice every chance you get. If you are staying in a hotel, see if you can get a better rate. If you are at a car dealership, perhaps having your car maintained and you are looking at some new/used cars, practice navigating the conversation with the salesperson to see what offer they come up with… if you are not in the car market, let them know that up front, they will try to sell you anyway. Listen to their pitch discover the tactics they use, identify their strategy and even find areas where you might gain some leverage for a better price when you are in the market. Even if you are in a retail store…ask… because you never know.

Negotiating STEPS

  1. Build Affinity – Firstly and fore mostly – build affinity (find something in common) or strike a good relationship. It only takes a minute to get to know a little bit about someone, find common ground and create a positive relationship/situation.It is always easier to do business with someone you like and it is that way for your counter part too, so be likable.
  2. ASK – You will never get a deal if you don’t ask for one. Buying a pair of shoes on sale and even when I didn’t think there was more room to move, I asked for a little more off and got it. That is an extra $20 that I didn’t have to pay…and that can buy lunch in some places.The best deal I have been able to get to date at a hotel was in Jackson Wyoming. I was able to negotiate a $249 room down to $99…it was the good guy taking his mother on a road trip rate…the good guy rate only got the price down to $149.Understanding selling price verses sitting price

    you: “What is the selling price for this item?”
    “No, that is the sitting price…what is the selling price”.  This lets the salesperson know that you are ready to buy but are also ready to negotiate.
    sales person: “There is a sale next week”.
    “Why am I being penalizes for buying early?”.

  3. Prepare for serious negotiations – when the negotiating becomes serious and there is a lot of money at stake prepare because Information is Power – know your negotiating counterpart and what his or her goals are and what are his/her needs and wants and also know yourself, your goals and needs and wants.
  4. Practice – Try using different techniques and different approaches. Try asking different questions… find what works for you and what you are comfortable with. Also, find what didn’t work and determine why it didn’t work for you this time. When your practice gets serious, use role reversal – play the role of the client and have someone else play you…it helps you get into the mindset of your client and helps you anticipate questions and helps you articulate your responses

Two of the most powerful questions in business are – What is the least that you can live with and…What is the best you can do for me today? You never know what their current situation is. Use them and be prepared for them…If it is not you asking those questions then who is…possibly the other side and be PREPARED to either ask or be asked and practice, practice, practice.

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