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Posts written by charlene

Webgrrls Finds: Tips, tricks to work faster, smarter & with style

written by charlene
Topics: Blogs,Business,Design,E-commerce,How-To,Marketing,SEO copywriting,Software,Tech Tools,Webgrrls' Finds

Sifting through the mass amounts of articles I receive each day, I occasionally find some amazing little gems that can really help you learn new skills or improve your efficiency. Here I share 5 of my most recent finds. Enjoy them now or keep them in mind for future use.

Thank You Notes 101
Thank you notes are just as important in business as they are in your personal life. But when is it appropriate to send a thank you note? Should it be handwritten? What should you say? All these questions and more are answered in this informative post from thesimpledollar.com.

Crash Course on Photoshop
Got 5 minutes? Then you have enough time to learn 101 Photoshop tips. dekePod has produced an amazing 5 minute Photoshop tutorial video that highlights some very useful skills, from shortcuts to advice on what tools to avoid.

Firefox … Enough Said
If you haven’t downloaded Firefox 3, or heaven-forbid, never even tried Firefox, what are you waiting for? This browser is a web worker’s dream … completely customizable with tons of killer add-ons. Mashable has created a list of 30 of the best extensions that will really make your life easier. And for yet another reason to convert, check out this Small Business Trends article that lists 3 SEO tools, 2 of which are Firefox add-ons.

Who doesn’t love free software?
There are tons of programs on the market that can fulfill the same needs as their pricey counterparts. But does the old adage “you get what you pay for” hold true in this case? Not according to this USA Today article that lists 10 free alternatives to some very well known programs, including Outlook, Photoshop, Dreamweaver & Quickbooks.

Website Design Help
For those of you working with website design, you may find these 4 free tools very helpful. Each of them allows you to experiment with the blog or website’s look and feel until you find one that fits the bill.

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Webgrrls Finds: Tips, tricks to work faster, smarter & with style

written by charlene
Topics: Business,Career,Design,Marketing,SEO copywriting,Software,Tech Tools,Webgrrls' Finds

There are so many great articles that can really teach you a thing or two – but unfortunately they seem to be lost amongst numerous other “less-meaty” ones. Here are 5 recent postings that may help you do your job or run your business more effectively.

How to Kill CSS Bugs
Have you ever been frustrated because your CSS layouts are rendering differently between browsers? Or are you still trying to figure out how to achieve a certain look with CSS? This Noupe article covers more than 20 fixes for issues relating to fixing IE bug, positioning block elements, creating columns & tables, working with floats and more.

A Free Alternative to Visio
If you’re looking for a robust flow chart and diagram tool, you’ve most likely already looked at Microsoft Visio. But if you’re not ready to shell out the bucks for the program, a great alternative is the free, open source application, Dia.

SEO: What Not to Do
Life is a never-ending joust for the folks working in Search Engine Marketing. Just when you think you’ve figured the search engines out, they change their algorithms. This article from SEOmoz shares some tips on targeting multiple terms and phrases on a single page and also highlights the “tricks” to avoid.

The Best $100 You Ever Spent
If you are running a website for a small to mid-size company you should jump on this tool (if you haven’t already). Google has re-launched its Custom Search Business Edition service as Google Site Search. Starting at $100 per year (or free if you don’t mind Google ads on your site), this site search application will index your entire website and help users to find what they are looking for. New features allow you to input synonyms, boost the page ranking of newer content and determine which search terms are not returning results.

Free Project Management Tool for Startups
Running a startup is never easy but thankfully there are companies out there that want to give you a break. Fog Creek Software is one such company. It provides its FogBugz on Demand project management tool free of charge for 2 users to students and startups. And not only is it an excellent project management application, it also has tremendous bug tracking abilities. If you don’t qualify for the free version, it can be purchased for $199 or less or as a hosted solution for $25/month.

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Webgrrls Finds: Tips, tricks to work faster, smarter & with style

written by charlene
Topics: Business,Design,How-To,Marketing,SEO copywriting,Software,Tech Tools

Want to work faster, smarter & with style? Check out these 5 articles that reveal some tricks of the trade.

Email Spring Cleaning
If the IT department is constantly asking you to free up space in your Outlook account, you need this tool. Windows users can use the Outlook Attachment remover to detach documents currently attached to emails in your inbox and offload them to your hard drive. Even better, you can specify which document type and sizes.

Attention all SEM (Search Engine Marketing) workers
Want to get an idea of your competitors’ link building strategy, understand what people think of your site and get help with your keyword research? Start exploring the anchor text of backlinks using some free tools.

Must-See Sites
Whether you’re a designer looking to prime the creative pump or a developer searching for little-known functionality tips, this list of top-notch sites, compiled by Noupe, will feed anyone’s web fancy.

Awesome Ajax Apps
If you’re an Ajax developer or you’re looking so learn some cool Ajax techniques, you will definitely appreciate this article. It presents 25 Ajax projects and examples that are sure to impress.

Site Design Just Got Easier
Those of you charged with putting together site mock-ups will love the Yahoo! Design Stencil Kit. This free toolkit includes many of the generic images required to put together your user interface, including standard ad units, UI controls, tabs, buttons, placeholder text and more.

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Webgrrls’ Finds: Tips, tricks and tools to improve your work performance

written by charlene
Topics: Business,Career,Design,Education,How-To,Marketing,Tech Tools,Technology,Webgrrls' Finds

Looking for meaty, practical articles that will help to improve your work performance? These 5 links provide some amazing tips, tricks and tools.

Do Business with Style

Are you a small business owner that could use professional looking designs for your presentations, letterheads, invoices, or business cards? Microsoft has published a number of gorgeous templates for its Office 2007 package (older versions may also work for some of the designs). You can choose from 6 different designs and 9 customer colors to create a professional looking template that matches your company’s style. Best of all, they’re free! http://www.microsoft.com/smallbusiness/office2007templates/

Get the most out of your email newsletters

Companies both large and small will benefit from these tips on how to get the most out of your email newsletters. This resource presents a list of best practices, gives some great examples and tells us what to avoid when creating your newsletter. And for tips on getting through spam filters, check out these great recommendations posted on the Webgrrls blog.

Presenting your company’s metrics

For those of you charged with presenting your company’s metrics, this is a must read. Kushik’s article recommends a better way of presenting numbers (financial, sales, web or otherwise) through the use of an “action dashboard” that provides meaning to the reader.

Free tutorials on your favorite programs

If you’ve been searching for free tutorials on your favorite programs, here is a god-send. This article points us to 4 different sites that provide amazing guides on topics ranging from Microsoft Office Programs to the Adobe CS3 Suite and even CSS:

The best RSS readers

There are a number of great RSS readers out there that can help you organize articles from your favorite sites. Here is a list of some of the best: Still in the dark about RSS, read the Webgrrls post about what is RSS.

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