Add voice to your website

With so many web sites out there, how can your make yours stand out? One way is by adding voice to your website.

A human voice adds a personal touch to your website and allows you to connect to your customer and build trust faster. Also, according to, “The human voice has overwhelming sales appeal, twice as much selling power as simple text.”

Where to Add Your Voice

Homepage – As soon as someone enters your website, you can welcome them and direct them to an action….i.e. subscribe to our newsletter, try our new product, get a free sample.

Testimonials – Make your testimonials come to life! Record your customer testimonials in their own voice for greater impact.

“Action Pages” – Speaking the “call to action” items will ensure that your visitor does not leave the page without “seeing” what you wanted them to do on that page.

Blogs/Heavy Text Pages – Anywhere there is a lot of text on your page, you can offer an option for your user to listen to that information instead of reading it.

Applications you can use to add voice to your website

VozMe, is a free text-to-speech web application
. It converts your text into voice and does a pretty good job, especially for a free service. Best of all it is VERY simple to use….just paste your text into a web form, hit the “Create MP3” button, and you can then listen to your text through a Flash-based player or download the MP3 to your computer. This application is NOT a recording of your own voice but is great for converting heavy text pages on your website to speech, and for allowing your users to listen to the content.
my website talks is a windows only application that allows you to add streaming audio of your own voice to your website, newsletters, and email. The software costs $79.00
flash voice buttonsFlash voice buttons is a windows only application that allows you to record your voice and convert it to an MP3 format. You can then generate Flash buttons that you can add to your website. Flash Voice Buttons allows over 99% of web surfers to play Your voice button automatically without plug-ins, downloads, or special software.  Pricing ranges between $29.95 – $45.95, depending on what license you purchase.

If you are a more advanced user, you can also use the following FREE software applications to record your voice and convert the files to MP3 files:

GarageBandA software application for recording and editing sounds on a Mac. It is included for FREE with all of the Mac OS X operating systems.

Audacity – a free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems

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