Accelerating with a Career Coach

I am constantly and consistently working to hone and improve my skills whether it be speaking, presenting, writing or negotiating, I work with a coach and I practice all of the time. Working with my coach has accelerated my progress at an incalculable rate and I would recommend it to anyone.

I have discovered a great techtalk coaching series of videos that were produced by Google and I wanted to share them with you.

Impactful Communication

Greg Gillis and Lesly Higgins, experienced corporate coaches, will discuss and demonstrate various methods to effectively communicate; whether it is delivering a yearly review to a fellow Googler, developing your group’s strategic vision, or influencing others towards an idea. By learning about Advocacy and Inquiry, Appreciate Inquiry, and Effective Feedback/Feedforward, you will come away from this workshop with concrete examples and experiences to help you get your message across with impact. Watch this presentation.

What Tech Women Really Want

Many technical women face surprising and similar challenges, which are often unspoken and self-imposed. I will present observations and suggestions around the impostor syndrome, feelings of isolation, tendencies to over-analyze, excessive humility, and reluctance to negotiate. I will also present “best advice” offered by women engineers for women engineers, which is taken from an article that I submitted to IEEE’s new Women in Engineering magazine. Watch this presentation

Accomplishing More By Doing Less

Being creative and successful in business and your personal lives requires that you be responsive and flexible as you move beyond your comfort zones. Learn how slowing down and looking deeply can lead to greater business success and personal satisfaction. Learn key practices that can help you:

Be flexible and responsive in the midst of change
Act with calm in the midst of intense activity
Relax in the midst of exertion
Gain clarity and insight in the midst of difficulty and competing demands
Increase creativity and problem-solving skills
Improve listening and communication skills
Improve focus and concentration
Increase work satisfaction
Lead and build teams
Watch this presentation

Leading from Strength: Making a Difference

By identifying and further developing our unique talents and character strengths, we contribute more effectively and enjoy the process. This talk will draw on findings from positive psychology, brain science, and resilience research to describe practical strategies for articulating passions and reaching goals. Participants will hear about two reputable online strengths surveys and learn how to call on the five key strengths that have been correlated with fulfillment and success. Watch this presentation

Create the Career You Want: A Non-Hyped App

Professional satisfaction is a question of creating what you want, not just waiting for it to appear. “The process of creating a life that works for you does not unfold logically. It proceeds in fits and starts, involves unlearning as much as learning, and requires you to push forward amidst ambiguity. You have to act before you’re ready to act, consider that your true interests and preferences might surprise you, and defer evaluation until you have collected a lot of evidence. You have to get out into the world, seek out new experiences and connect with new people. I try to stick to these principles not because they¹re always easy, but because I¹ve learned they work.” This tech talk will be an (entertaining and dynamic) introduction to the basic career- and life-planning principles that underlie this perspective. Watch this presentation

How To Plan Projects With Distributed Teams

Hubert Smits will give a hands-on overview of the activities that are involved in larger agile projects. Larger projects stretch out over more then a few months and have more then a single team involved. Things get more complex when the teams are not collocated. Hubert has based the talk on his paper “Multi Level Planning for Agile Projects” and presents a practical implementation of the planning levels. The experience he uses in the presentation is taken from his work as an agile coach for Rally Software Development, which brings him to projects with teams scattered across the globe: the US, Europe, Middle East and Far East. Watch this presentation

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