5 Strategies for Success

Career Opportunities in Technology - Influencing the future

I had a great day today. I spoke to about 70 girls from the Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science. It is a public school in Brooklyn for young women and girls with a focus on technology, math and science. My topic and title was “Career Opportunities in Technology – Influencing the Future“.

The girls participated enthusiastically and were very inquisitive about all of the possibilities. I had a great time with them. I hope that I was able to encourage them to pursue or at least start thinking about a career in technology.

Here five success strategies that I left the girls with and I think that we should all implement these and use them in our daily live…I certainly try.

1. Never Fear What You Don’t Know

Using my story on how I got started with computers, I encouraged the girls to “Never Fear What You Don’t Know”. Here is an except from the speech:

I am the CTO of Webgrrls International and the Founder of DigitalWoman.com…But I was not always an expert. In fact, twelve years ago, I didn’t even know how to turn on a computer! 16 years ago, I didn’t speak a word of English.

I became an expert at computers and technology by not being intimidated by new information and not giving up because I did not know something. Never fear what you don’t know! If you are determined to achieve something and put effort into achieving it, you will succeed.

2. Ask a lot of questions

The only stupid questions are the once that are unasked. If you are ever in a situation where you don’t know something, ASK! Don’t be afraid to look stupid…asking questions is the only way you will learn.

Nelly Yusupova speaking at the Urban Assembly Institute for Math and Science

3. Find a mentor

A mentor is a person who agrees to help teach and guide another person Mentors share their own experiences—both successes and failures, so you can learn from them. Read more about mentoring basics

4. Get Involved

The deeper and broader your relationships, the more opportunity you have to achieve success and if you have a win or a success…Celebrate it, let others know of your victories and successes. Unless you tell someone about your achievements, people will never know about them…and you may miss out on all kinds of opportunities.

5. Don’t Let Anyone Discourage You

Nelly Yusupova speaking at the Urban Assembly Institute for Math and Science If you are setting your goals high and striving to achieve them..don’t let anyone discourage you, especially those that are closest to you. Often times it’s those closest to us who can be our biggest detractors.

So go out strive for and achieve success however you define it!

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