Best New Tool for User Testing: The Flip



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    • Thanks for sharing new ideas about usability testing in the field. Can you tell me if there is a way to “mark” or tag the video during the capture? Also, what do you use to edit and/or create highlight videos?

    • We used Windows Movie Maker for editing. It was easy to jump to different segments, edit parts out, split or combine clips, and rearrange parts. I don’t believe there’s a way to mark video while it’s recording (other than quickly pushing the button to start and stop it). But I don’t think you’d want to do that anyway. Because of the device’s small size, pushing any button while filming would cause the recording to bump all around. We created a 9-minute summary from our hours of testing to share with the larger team and easily inserted still slides in between series of clips that acted as title pages for the various sections. For example, we’d have a slide that said “Navigation” and then would show a series of clips that addressed that point. All of that was done post-recording though.

    • I recently had an opportunity to record on a similar camera. Problem was that on the two Vista machines all I had to do was to double click on the file and it viewed fine with audio. But when I took the same file to a older XP machine and double clicked the file all we got was the audio. Where did the video go? I upgraded the Window’s media player on one of the older XP machines to version 11 and still no visiual.

      Any ideas?

      • I worked with Kristin on this project, and was able to view the video/audio on my XP machine after downloading the Flip software from their site.

        You can find the download here (link to Flip site):

        Try installing it on your PC, and see what happens. If that doesn’t work, it may be worthwhile to investigate whether your drivers are compatible with the Flip file format.

        Good luck!

    • I was wondering what model of Flip you used. I did a test video with the Mino HD, and I had trouble viewing smaller parts of the UI like normal sized text and menu bars. Where you able to see enough detail?


      • We used model #F260N, which is the Flip Video Ultra Series (60 Minutes), White & Orange. As you can see from the screen cap in the post, the quality is not spot on, but it was fine for our purposes because we could go back and match up any details with the live site. I know the Flip now makes an HD version, though I haven’t used that one yet.

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